Services offered by Jūras projekts

Our motto is to design high technological and safe objects, modern buildings that allow our customers and partners to reach their objectives to utmost.

For all of the objects we offer both complex solutions and solutions of different project parts in different spheres:

  • Development of technical requirements or offers for project building or structure construction;
  • Designing of hydrotechnical structures: landing stages, quaysides, bank/shore protections and shipping routes;
  • Designing of port economy infrastructure objects: warehouses and other manufacturing buildings, and open cargo grounds;
  • Development of multifunctional building and construction foundations and bases, support walls, construction pits as well as projects of complete zero cycle;
  • Designing of engineering communication (water supply and sewerage, heating networks, heating and ventilation systems);
  • Designing of residing houses offices and water guesthouses;
  • Coordination of the designing documentation in different monitoring levels;
  • Author monitoring of construction;
  • Expertise of designing documentation;
  • Consultations and training of hydrotechnical structure designing;
  • Notices from the archive of hydrotechnical project.

In collaboration with partners we do the following things for every object:

  • Development of feasibility study for hydrographical network object;
  • Functions of general designer;
  • Development of general plan for objects;
  • Topographical measurements;
  • Engineering and geological investigation.