About Us

Past and present

JŪRAS PROJEKTS is one of the oldest designing companies in Latvia and currently it manages baggage of experience accumulated per half a century that is used by professional team.

Dawn of JŪRAS PROJEKTS establishment may be found right after Second World War. Then groups of expedition and designing from the designing institute “Lenmorniiprojekt” actively participated in renewal of hydrotechnical structures in Latvia, including Riga.

In June 1962 Riga complex department of the above mentioned institute was established as a legal entity. For more than 50 years of operation our company employees have participated in designing of many important objects in the ports of the Baltic Sea, the White Sea and the Barents Sea. We can mention the following projects among them:

  • Landings and main coastal objects of the container terminal of Riga Commercial port (currently Ltd. “Baltic Container Terminal”);
  • Landings and range of coastal objects of potassium salt reloading complex in Ventspils free port;
  • Almost all of hydrotechnical structures built during post-war period in Kaliningrad sea trade port (including complex for RO-RO type vessel admission and Kaliningrad sea channel;
  • City embankments in Riga, Ventspils, Liepaja as well as in sea embankment is Tallinn that is constructed for Olympic Games of 1980;
  • Reconstruction of several ferry crossings in Tallinn sea trade port.

In October 1991 the company was privatised and registered in the Company Register of the Republic of Latvia by name Ltd. “Jūras projekts”. Since that time new possibilities of sustainable development were opened in the history of our organization. Currently JŪRAS PROJEKTS is one of the leading organizations in designing of hydrotechnical, transport structural and port management and other objects of national economy.

We have a complete technical basis, including all the required software, wide archive, where information of different Latvian and foreign ports, basis of construction normative documents and standards of European Union is summarized.

Both experienced specialists and new engineers are working in JŪRAS PROJEKTS. We include employees with scientific doctor and master degrees.

During the latest years our organization is developing mainly projects of the structures in the ports of the Republic of Latvia. We can highlight the following projects among the developed and implemented projects:

  • Repair design of Western and Eastern moles in Riga port;
  • Designs of Riga port passenger landing (No. 1A) and Oil terminal landing (ZO-16);
  • Design of deep water landing (ZO-18) Rinuzi;
  • Reconstruction project of Riga trade port landing (EO-14) with depth enlarging in front of façade wall;
  • Designs of JSC “Lindeks” deep water landing wood export terminal in Krievusala (currently Ltd. “KST”);
  • Design of landing of Free Port of Riga (MK-4) that was constructed to accept vessels of international regatta “Cutty Sark”;
  • Design of deep water landing tanker acceptance in Kundzinsala (Ltd. “Man-Tess”);
  • Design of first stage of Mersrags port reconstruction;
  • Designs of Liepaja port approach channel and Karostas channel ground protection wall;
  • Designs of Free port of Ventspils Grain terminal and Juice terminal and many other projects;
  • Technical design of Salacgriva port ship channel and aquatorium reconstruction;
  • Technical design of Liepaja port South and North pier reconstruction;
  • Technical design of Skulte port aquatorium deepening;
  • Construction project “Infrastructure development in Krievu sala for Riga port activity transfer from the city centre”.

Great attention, particularly within last ten years is devoted to designing of foundations and bases of public, living and manufacturing structures and constructions. We can mention several interesting projects implemented in Riga:

  • Paling base for Sport and culture centre square between Kr.Valdemars, Hanza and E.Melngalis Streets;
  • Paling base and grid for multi-functional sport arena in Skanste Street, where the World Ice Hockey Championship in 2006 took place;
  • Developed design of construction pit, paling base and grid for business and residing house “Da Vinci” in Balasta dambis 9;
  • Executed great scope of works, designing bases and fundaments by order of one of the largest companies of Latvia – JSC “Liepājas Metalurgs”;
  • Support wall and basis of Stokmann Centre in Riga;
  • Zero cycle of residing house in Kr.Valdemars Street in Riga;
  • Design of additional floor in medicinal – sanitary part building in Liepaja, Briviba Street.

JŪRAS PROJEKTS participates also in designing in bridges and tunnels. Our specialist have participated in the development of sketch and technical design of bridge over Bullupe, sketch and technical design of Northern crossing over Daugava and development of sketch and technical design of Southern bridge over Daugava.

We are constantly working so that it was possible to offer the newest products and services to our clients and partners.